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Spot data courtesy of WSPR Daemon
WSPR Daemon.org's shiny new WSPR spot database is faster than ever.
New search options, better wild cards, no WSPRnet lockups. Enjoy.
As of 24th June this app was moved to a US server for optimum performance.
original WSPRnet version [here]
Quick start
1. Click the Search button in the panel above.
2. Click   for user options.
3. FAQ or trial-and-error, there is a choice :-)

Happy WSPRing.

73 Phil VK7JJ
advanced search panel
an experimental advanced search is now available
- click the 'Advanced search' button in user prefs to open the panel
  short cut: right-click the [Search WSPR Daemon] button
  close the panel: click the [Home] tab
- advanced means it is tricky and experimental means it has bugs

known bugs
bugs @ 15th June fixed
- nothing reported since